Just a quick note to let you know that the M3 is working very well. The first time I used it on a golf course was on the 13th hole of Boavista GC in Portugal. The GPS measured it at 341 yards straight down the middle of the fairway (and remarkably it was the same fairway I was aiming for!). There was a little bit of run and a little bit of downhill but later in the same round I put one out to 328 yards (again on the fairway I was aiming for) on a flattish hole. So 669 yards with my first two shots with the M3 was an OK start.

Just trying to figure out how I can shape shots with it as it only wants to go straight at the moment! But to paraphrase one of your sayings, "I will take a straight 300 yards plus drive every time".

Nigel (8 Handicap)

Since having lessons with the Sussex Golf School, my handicap has dropped from 17 to 9. I have seen improvements in every part of my game ranging from a consistent swing to my course management and we are now working together to take me onto the next level, which is very exciting. Mike doesn't try to reinvent the wheel and works with what you already have. I see improvements after every lesson and look forward to the next. And it is true, the better you play, the more you enjoy it.

Richard (9 Handicap)

Mike and his professional team have done wonders for my golf. A combination of the right advice, fitted equipment and individualised coaching has helped me to knock 10 shots off my handicap (currently 7.8). Custom fitting from very knowledgeable professionals has enabled me to get a set of clubs that really work with my unique swing. The shop is always well stocked with apparel and equipment to suit all styles and levels, even mine! Mike, Alex, Lee and Russell are all very skilful players who above all are excellent teachers and their tuition has been fundamental to my continuing improvement on the course. If you are passionate about enjoying your golf and you like a welcoming relaxed environment I would heartily recommend a visit to Hassocks.

Nigel (8 Handicap)


Head Professional, Mike Ovett has been my coach for many years. His approach to coaching is straightforward where everything is explained in easy to understand terms. He is able to pick up what is wrong very quickly and within one lesson I am able to go away feeling that my game will be back on track. He has helped me immensely with all aspects of my game, especially bunker play and chipping.
Hassocks Pro Shop carries a good range of both golfing equipment and clothing. Although the shop is compact, everything is displayed well, especially the shoes, in easy to find sizes. The pro shop staff are excellent in their knowledge and assisting you in finding what is right for you.

Janet (Handicap 23)

I have been a member of Hassocks Golf Club, for the past 8 years, and things have changed quite a bit in that time. When joining I didn't know any other members or club staff but during my first few weeks, I was welcomed and introduced to club. The Sussex Golf School is the club's in-house teaching staff and when I looked to take lessons, Mike Ovett came highly recommended. On all aspects of the game, Mike has tutored me with lessons in technique and posture, advised me on the purchase of new clubs and ball types, and has quickly became my mentor. Through his coaching and tuition, my handicap has dropped from 25 to 12 and I'm now a regular competitor in club teams. A few years ago, Mike took over the running of the pro shop, and although small, it carries a great range and variety of equipment and clothes, which are always excellently displayed at competitive prices.

Paul Mayes (Vice Captain)